So, I’ve been enjoying my fiddlehead stash, purchased and none other than my neighbourhood mainstream grocer, much to my shock and surprise (see last post for more on this). I decided to make fiddlehead soup with a few local ingredients I have kicking around the kitchen. Here’s the recipe: Fiddlehead Soup 1/2 a large onion […]

There it sat, round, green with a hint of yellow and all the promise of a hot summer day: a fresh watermelon, AKA, the locavore’s conundrum (a tip-of-the-hat to Michael Pollan). It was a lovely Saturday in May, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the red wing blackbirds were trilling in the park. Summer was in the air.

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Tiffin arrived just before lunch time in a Honda Fit. The three containers, packed in a thermal bag, were still warm to the touch. There was hot aloo gobi (a potato and cauliflower curry sprinkled with fresh coriander), a flatbread called paratha, and two cardamom-coconut pancakes. All the dishes looked homemade, but the food came

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What’s a locavore to do when she wants to learn to prepare foods that absolutely-must include imports? My mother-in-law is kindly showing me how to cook many of her favourite recipes–recipes passed down by her own mother, who like my MIL, cook in the Bohra tradition. Considering that Bohras are originally from India, many of

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So my first attempt at limbu achaar hasn’t gone well. I followed my mother-in-law’s directions to the letter, left the jar on the counter with the requisite amount of salt for more than four days and still, the lemon is hard. There is no gloopy chutney in the bottle, just salt and lemon in the same

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When I started this blog, I made the promise of sharing stories and lessons from Dadima’s–my mother-in-law’s–kitchen. I regularly try to replicate her exquisite Bohra cuisine. On New Year’s Eve, I made the most excellent (if I say so myself) bagias, a.k.a pakoras, out of my dad’s potatoes and some organic cauliflower–I love the fusion

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