Bring on the Brassicas!

My urban farm is starting to sprout. Oh the exhilaration of watching seeds come to life, giving forth tiny  shoots of green. Corny as it sounds, I think I could plant thousands and thousands of seeds before ever growing tired of the magic of watching them come to life.

This year in my ultra tiny, container dominated urban farm crop I have chosen to grow four varieties of cherry tomatoes–green ones, yellow and red ones and lovely little currant ones that are, as their name implies, similar in size to a currant (or possibly a gooseberry)–as well as a big huge pot full of brassicas. This is the genus of plant from the mustard family commonly referred to as cabbages or mustards. Included in this genus are kale, cabbage, kai-lan, broccoli, among others.

The seeds come from Urban Harvest, an ecologically minded seed company here in Toronto. The mix of brassicas are designed for container growers who don’t have the space to grow big plants and yet want to harvest their own fresh greens. Apparently, we’ll be eating fresh green stuff in salads and stir fries in three to six weeks. I can’t wait.

That is, unless the raccoons get into them. Moments ago, I went down to find one of my current tomatoes that I’d planted in a hanging basket, unearthed and withering on the back deck. I blame the squirrels.