About Sarah

We always talk so much about nutrition and dieting. But we never question where our food comes from? Every day, thousands of us walk to grocery stores and buy vegetables, fruits and all manners of food, assuming that it is fresh and organic. But is it?

Who Is Lavacore.ca?

A few years ago, during the course of my career, I visited a few farms in the country yard. This is where my passion for knowing where my food came from grew. Did you know that people living in urban cities don’t know where 90% of the food they consume comes from? When you think about it, it’s somehow scary.

Being a staunch member of the locavore movement, I have always encouraged my readers, family, friends, colleagues, and everyone I come across always to buy food from farmer’s markets. There you will have access to fresh, organic and tastier foods. And not just any market, I always advise people to buy locally grown food, preferably within 100 miles of your location.

What Is The Locavore All About?

This website was inspired by my journey to connect with where my food came from. As a journalist and a writer, I have always been passionate about food and agriculture. This is why I created time to visit farmers from different parts of the country and got their perspective about food production.

At Locavore, you will get access to a wide range of articles about fresh farm produce and the benefits of eating such foods. You will also be connected with other like-minded people who are interested in eating locally produced foods.

I have always found it easier to weave through my work by sharing stories about our food movement. Here, you will join me in my journey to discovering nutritious and fresh sources of locally produced foods.

That aside, I have also compiled photographs, places and events related to food and agriculture. As a journalist, I have invested my photography skills in helping share images of the production and growth of fresh farm produce as well as agriculture-related events that aim in creating awareness for our movement.

About The Author

Sarah Elton is a journalist and a writer that specializes mostly in food and Agriculture. She is a locavore enthusiast who is passionate about sustainability and healthy living. This is one of the many reasons why she came up with this website in order to share more on how we can make mother earth a better place.