Fiddleheads and more fiddleheads

So, I’ve been enjoying my fiddlehead stash, purchased and none other than my neighbourhood mainstream grocer, much to my shock and surprise (see last post for more on this). I decided to make fiddlehead soup with a few local ingredients I have kicking around the kitchen. Here’s the recipe:

Fiddlehead Soup

1/2 a large onion from last year’s crop, chopped finely

saute with 1 tbspn of oil or butter and add 1 tspn of dried thyme,

When the onions are transluscent, add 1 potato chopped in 1 cm cubes and fry for 5 more minutes

Add two cups of fiddleheads and cover with water (I used the water with which I’d steamed the asparagus)

Simmer and add a little more water and some salt

Puree when fiddleheads are soft. Finit!