Even though alternative food distribution represents less than 4 per cent of market, according to the folks at Local Food Plus, lately I’ve managed to eat out only in restaurants that serve local (and hopefully sustainable) food. Granted, I don’t eat out as much as I’d like these days. With two small children, dinner en famille […]

This past week, my family and I drove to Quebec and backalong the 401 Highway. Even though I’d just spent the last year researching the food system here and learning about all the ways food travels to our plates for my book, I was stunned to see just how many of the trucks on the

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Last night, my daughters built an incredible pillow-comforter-foot stool-bed sheet fort palace in our living room, before dinner. They came to the table in character, the elder as the queen and the younger as the princess. When the princess ate her first bite of the cross rib roast (meat from my dad’s cow) prepared just

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