Open pollinated corn polenta vs. store-bought corn meal

The difference was astounding. Truly astounding. I put a spoonful of the polenta I made from open-pollinated, stone-ground corn meal I’d bought from Mark Trealout at Kwartha Ecological Growers and I swear I heard birds singing, felt the wind in my hair and the hot sun on my face as I was transported to the field where the corn ripened in the hot august sun. Ok, I’m being dramatic. But really, this corn meal was so good, it bore no resemblance to the fine-ground cornmeal you buy at the grocery store.

The corn wasn’t a dusty meal, but rather chunky which gave the polenta texture. And the taste was that of corn. Real corn with bite and substance.
I can’t imagine that there are many farms left in Canada growing this kind of a crop, now that GMO corn is the standard. How sad.