Locavore community

Locavore officially launched on Saturday at the Green Barns market in Toronto. It was a lovely affair-with delicious food made by Dawn Woodward and Ed Rek of Evelyn’s Crackers and featuring Ruth Klahsen’s (Monforte Dairy) spectacular cheese. The launch was one of many, many Locavore-related engagements. There have been already 18 interviews on radio and television, there was an event in Burlington at the library last night, there have been stories in newspapers and online, like The Good Food Revolution’s piece about the book as well as lots of warm chatter on twitter.

I have long known that the issues wrapped up in local food touch so many people in a profound way. And yet I’ve been so happy to see first hand all the interest in the book. Because if people are interested in the book, it means that they are interested in local and sustainable food and that’s good news for Canada!