Local food speaks to all of us

I enjoyed my interview this morning with Andrew Krystal, host of Maritime Morning News, 95.7 out of Halifax. His show broadcasts to PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia–and everywhere else via the internet, of course. It was a pleasure to talk to someone who was so enthused about local food. Andrew had a question about every chapter in my book. We talked about Quebec cheese (chapter 7) and the gastronomy of place (chapter  that is developing on Vancouver Island and about the many interesting farmers I visited while travelling in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

The interview reminded me that the issues bound up in local food speak to people of all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where you work, where you live, what your background is or how much money you make, chances are you care about where your food comes from. The local food movement is often criticized for being populated by yuppies who love their heirloom tomatoes. But as I saw when I travelled across the country, there is not one kind of person who cares about local food. The issues speak to all of us.