Comfort Food Series This Month On CBC’s Here&Now

The snow has returned, it’s cold outside and after the holiday rush, it’s time to cocoon. At this time of year, I crave comfort foods. For me, that means roasted chicken dinners, soups of all kinds, saucy curries and hot noodle dishes.

So this month on CBC Radio’s Here&Now, my column will celebrate the home cook with a comfort food series. Each week this month, I will tell the story of one comfort food, each from a different world cuisine. (As I learn again and again, Toronto is the home to so many global specialties that are only made here and in their town/city/province of origin somewhere far away.)

I will begin this week with the pierogi, or, as it is called in Ukranian, varenyky. (This week is Ukranian Christmas and the varenyky is a standard at the Ukranian festive table.) I like to take an “anthropology of food” approach to my column so I generally talk about the food in a historical context as well as talk about its modern-day incarnations. This week, I will be taught to make varenyky! Stay tuned to learn more about this and the other dishes to come…