City Farmers and Locavores

Yesterday’s Jane’s Walk was incredible! Author Lorraine Johnson and I met up with 136 people who are interested in urban agriculture for a walking tour of the area around Trinity Bellwoods Park. We tasted Red Bud flowers and talked about the role of greenhouses in a local and sustainable urban foodshed. We discussed urban agriculture hotbeds like Cuba and Detroit and expounded on fruit gleaning and how chefs are helping to lead the local food movement. And so many people had stories and information to share with the larger group.

The walk was inspiring. While I was listening to one woman describe her fabulous front yard food-based garden, I realized that I actually do have room to plant food. I dug out the second third of the front lawn last fall and have been thinking about what to plant there. Now I know! Zucchinis, broccoli and green beans will be alternated with flowers. I can’t wait for the last frost day to pass!