Slow Food Fair in Picton a fabulous stop on the book tour!

Sunday was a gorgeous day in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The sun was shining on the spring-green fields, the sky was blue and the waves of a windy Lake Ontario were crashing on the beaches that run along the county’s coast. And so I was especially thrilled to see a good turnout at the Slow Food Fair at Books and Co in Picton. At the fair there were farmers like the famous Vicki’s Veggies who were there to talk to people about their products.  I also addressed the group and spoke about how to take the local food movement to the mainstream, telling the story from my book about the history of Quebec cheese. Afterwards, there was a delicious potluck lunch–why, oh, why can’t I buy Wendy’s smoked turkey in Toronto? My mom and dad came with me, as well as our family friend Sheila.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

What stands out for me the most though was the conversation. So many people came up to me after the talk to chat about local food with such insight and passion. Thanks to David and Alexandra for inviting me!