Turkey and duck eggs for dinner

I met up with food writer Margaret Webb at the Riverdale Farmers’ Market last night and was thinking out loud about what I would make for dinner: “Oh I know. We’ll have the turkey and duck eggs,” I said.

“Just an ordinary Tuesday night dinner at your house?” she mused.

Not at all ordinary, that’s for sure. Though after eating these rich eggs, I wish they were part of our weekly diet. I had been given the eggs by someone I interviewed for a story I’m working on and had saved them to turn them into something fabulous–what I wasn’t sure.

Given the fact that I had to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes (starving children are not pleasant to be around), I forgot about my elaborate plans and went for simple. Following the advice of my friend Dawn Woodward of Evelyn’s Crackers, I melted butter in ramekins, cracked one egg per dish, sprinkled with grated parmesan and cooked in the toaster oven. (I’m trying to minimize my use of the large oven because ovens are apparently major energy hogs and a big contributor to personal carbon load.) The giant turkey egg, I did separately on the stove top.

What a treat! The yolk-to-white ratio is much larger in these eggs and the taste is more intensely eggy but also creamy and rich. I hope to find a way to get my hands on more of these sometime soon.