Community Shared Agriculture in the GTA

It is still not too late to sign up with a CSA this summer. Here are three in the Toronto area that I have written about: has pick up locations in both the city and the suburbs. Highlights are okra and other South Asian vegetables. I wrote about Daniel Hoffman’s new farm in Locavore, when he was just starting out. He has put a whole lot of work into building his business since then–and had lots of help from volunteers too–and now his farm and CSA are growing. Look for his global garlic–delicious varieties from around the world! If you join the CSA, you get to try them too.

When I met Brenda Hsueh she was about to buy a farm, leaving behind her old life on Bay Street. She now runs Black Sheep Farm south of Owen Sound and delivers her organic veg to Toronto.

All three of these farmers are the new face of sustainable agriculture here.