If you are looking for seafood in Barcelona, the guidebooks will tell you that a good place to go is Barceloneta. The neighbourhood borders the city’s beaches and was once home to the fishermen who set sail from there every day to earn their living from the Mediterranean. Today’s tapas bars and seafood restaurants are some of what […]

Locavore officially launched on Saturday at the Green Barns market in Toronto. It was a lovely affair-with delicious food made by Dawn Woodward and Ed Rek of Evelyn’s Crackers and featuring Ruth Klahsen’s (Monforte Dairy) spectacular cheese. The launch was one of many, many Locavore-related engagements. There have been already 18 interviews on radio and

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Thanksgiving is one of my favourite times of the year–the harvest is in, the jams are made, the leaves are golden, and the focus is good food . On the holiday weekend, I always like to try something new with food, like making cinnamon rolls in a brick oven like we did last year. On the Sunday morning,

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I’m recovering this morning from a spectacular feast shared with friends last night. On the menu: duck, cabbage cooked with fish sauce (a delicious way to  enjoy any bitter-tasting brassica–just don’t forget to add sugar and water), turban squash, potatoes from my dad’s garden, chestnut soup and a lovely dessert concocted by my husband that

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